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What is a foldable Ebike?

The commute is a part of our daily life. From reaching the office to attending parties. Everything in our lives requires travelling from one point to another.

Humans as a species are not used to being bound to a single place. Movement is the basic nature. This is visible in the pattern of movement and process of development.

We have found several ways to travel all around the world. Air, water, and land have been explored by us. As a result, human beings are not present even in th3 most remote parts of this world.

We have found multiple ways to travel on land. From using coal to electricity, we have come a long way with the help of science and development.

Coal was one of the initial ways to power transportation. When it comes to our and the upcoming generation’s future, the usage of electricity has been used and explored to interchange with non-renewable resources like fuel.

An example of this ongoing process is the Foldable Ebike. Everyone must have heard about electric bikes. But a major update has been added to it. The foldable attribute will entirely change how people look at them.

Every mode of transportation that we have viewed till now has been rigid. Not many of them have a feature of adjustability. This is concerning the structure.

But now electric-powered bikes are foldable. From a vertically upright transport, it can be converted into a carryable object on the back. It’s that amazing?!

This gives people the freedom of travelling to places that one cannot reach easily but with normal commuting options.

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