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Wednesday 31. Augustta 2022

Black Dots and Moonbeams

Can You see those flying leaves falling down to the ground I always wear long black sleeves Thou can hear it by Piper's sound I am the one... Lue lisää


Monday 29. Augustta 2022

All of My Tunes (key & bpm)

I Taps in the Rain (Am, 120) II Fragmented Mind (Em, 166) III Magic Woman (Dm, 135) IV Queen of Mist (To Whip & Embrace) (Em, 135) V... Lue lisää

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Monday 22. Augustta 2022

New Age is coming and Black Zombie shall rise (with Mighty Hair)

Hair, it's my old obsession. In my head enormous passion Noodles growing out from the phone Makes invasion to new zone Takes time three long... Lue lisää


Saturday 20. Augustta 2022

I paint imps to the walls

That's my favorite hobby. Then I go to the corner bar and gonna meet some fiends there. Then I go back to my only room and start playing my guitar.... Lue lisää

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Thursday 11. Augustta 2022

Queen of Mist

01.08.2021 1 Sleepless river flows forever In my heart there's endless heat Other side we'll be together Bow to thee at thy throne seat... Lue lisää


Thursday 11. Augustta 2022

Uncomfortable Medley

11.08.2022 Uncomfortable Medley Song structure: Intro verse chorus verse w drum breaks & modulation chorus Basso välisoitto... Lue lisää


Tuesday 02. Augustta 2022

''I'm not interested of your shitty music!!!''

A: I love heavy metal music. B: It ain't got no melody at all! A: Metal music is very familiar with classical music. B: No fucking... Lue lisää