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Saturday 04. Octoberta 2008

Running man

Family life has had its impact on my musical output. Unfortunately, very little got done during the last few months. Still, a stack of songs is in... Lue lisää


Sunday 27. Mayta 2007

Going strong

Work is progressing, do not get fooled by the rare updates. That's due to me spending more time making music than on the web. My latest song... Lue lisää


Monday 02. Octoberta 2006

Quiet, but...

It has been a few months since the last update, but I have been very productive behind the scenes. Two new songs are nearly completed, and one more... Lue lisää


Friday 14. Julyta 2006

Studio vs. beach

To the studio or to the beach? Easy. Both! Thanks to the holiday period, I'm able to spend a lot of time recording. On the other hand, wearing... Lue lisää


Saturday 20. Mayta 2006

Alive! Yes!

Please forgive the long break due to interference from life. But rest assured I did spend some time on music: "Whistle In The Dark" is released as... Lue lisää


Thursday 26. Januaryta 2006

Many. Things. Happen.

Yes, plenty of things are happening! My new song "Whistle" will feature real drums courtesy of Perhama , who will nail down the tracks during... Lue lisää


Monday 12. Decemberta 2005

Currently 'Whistling'...

A new song is in the making, working title "Whistling". (Do other songwriters use working titles too? Whenever I start a new song, anything that... Lue lisää


Sunday 13. Novemberta 2005

Vampires V2 finished

At last, the final version of "Vampires" is remixed and posted here. Now I want to take a long break from remixing. :) I've also managed to finish... Lue lisää


Thursday 29. Septemberta 2005

Vampires V2 proceeding

"Vampires" is currently being remixed, as the original recording is lacking some high-end frequency on the lead guitar. With the careful use of an... Lue lisää


Monday 29. Augustta 2005

The charts? Oh dear...

This week's chart result was quite sobering. The downloads have dropped significantly, and as a consequence the songs have been confined to the... Lue lisää