Black movement conspiracy

WRATHAGE | 28.02.2008 | Alternative Metal

Track 3 from Crawlspace antipathy

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The Black Movement Conspiracy

There could be something more, in dreams I sometimes see. Perhaps it's false, and in vain I seek.

Drifting on in this no-hope expedition, onwards as we sink. Damned
obvious as the oblivious is all around. And inside me I laugh - you are a
disgrace to my virtues, you all are in a way - So I descend to clime among you.
That what you call aged wisdom, the humble science, is why I despise
your house, the cosy nest of self deceit. When I seem to praise your
wisdom, I only hide my claws, so that you couldn't feel me walking over you.
It's my duty. I'm not going to stand in your shade, it feels though at it stains - I'd be forced to wash it off with your blood.

Even now I have to explain to myself why I let you stand there laughing at me.
I can forgive you my hate and if I coudn't it would just chain me to your throne.
You could not forgive me, if I threw your faults at your face. Your beauty couldn't stand my ugly hands. So I swallow the dirt you feed me for if I'd spit it out, your entire world would hate me.

As if honour was a virtue

Speak to me Oh'disgrace, give me a reason not to stain you with my
wisdom to point my arrows elsewhere, to fall in love with you again.

The forward stream in evolutionary means is where your worth is measured
a float in dark waters that only dream of purity.
Supremacy cast it’s shadow over love and pity.
And those who drown they dare not swim.

It's a crime to drag along the burden, the unforgivable mistake of life
yet the weight has its means and you hold us all down if you look in to the devious puppy eyes.

And every frozen star shines to me so bright. Amidst all the inevitable, I saw the answers to my calls.
Waves of void hit the shores of my dreams. I got too far, so they can't see, yet my eyes do gleam.

Beyond good and even evil I crew my horns and the crown of kings is no crown of thorns.
Your kings - the first before a million zeros - had their horns just
like mine but the stench of slaves made me shiver so I ran to where no-one follows.

Wandered of to shadow forests to escape that which hunts me as prey
to shadow forests where the serpents shed their toxic tears for long lost love.

They twist the knife in your lie and stay forever damned for that.
Reason left us here alone to wither to die, and as we wipe your tears in another lie
we rape your rising pride - no virtues left unstained.

Carry on executor set the skies aflames.


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Prometheus 05.05.2008
Julistava tunnelma alussa. Melkein raamatullinen.
Loistavat lead kitarat! Tämä on ehdottamasti paras näistä uusista!
Mukavaa groovea, pakko antaa 10.
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