Wolfhorde | 16.06.2008 | Folk Metal

Music: Werihukka
Lyrics: Hukkapätkä

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The flawless pearl has drowned
into the sea of deception
The eyes turned away from
the triumph of the reflection

Why do You have to be the one
I've been searching for years
You release me from my pain
and You dispel all my fears

Too easy a way have I chosen
Nothing more but a path distorted
Can't control my thoughts no more

Take a look, your effort is being ravished
No good deed ever goes unpunished

Three more, through the door
then I'll let it leave
The pact is fulfilled
and I can finally feel

How can one get so chaste a feel
from so few moments of life
Can't control my thoughts no more


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Mr. Doom 29.10.2008
Hyvä menevä folkbiisii. Soittotaito kohdillaan ja sounditkin ihan tarpeeksi hyvät. Biisi loppui mukavan rauhallisesti
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