Hard Rock

Speed Up The Limit 29.04.2014


Vicious Minds is back 'n bad!
And this time it's a chick, who's going out for fun...

9.5   2 342 plays
Hard Rock

Trans Am 16.06.2012


Vicious Minds kickstarts again with this "bike"rock tune.
Original song is from around 2004.

9.43   1 637 plays
Hard Rock

To Hell and Back 01.12.2011


We continue with historic themes...After the Black Knight comes Alexander The Great!

9.2   2 502 plays
Hard Rock

Black Knight 11.10.2011


The Black Knight rides once more. Vicious Minds 80's heavy.

9.75   4 849 plays

Ariella 27.10.2010


More like love metal perhaps? Original idea from around 2005-2006, the song has evolved over the years.

9.07   26 840 plays

Piece Of My Heart 06.03.2010


Dug this one from the VM archives and finally finished. A bit different from the usual style, but let's say this is the dark side of Vicious Minds. >:]

9   34 792 plays

Back On The Road 21.02.2010


After a creative pause (*cough*beer*cough*) Vicious Minds are back to burning rubber!

9.57   14 888 plays
Hard Rock

Pirates Of Rock 20.01.2009


Hoisting the pirate flag for a change, yarrrr!

9.2   4 1508 plays

Crazy Dancer 17.08.2008


Everyone who's been asking for this, here you go!

9.11   11 1706 plays

Gasoline 16.08.2008


Gasoline in my veins

9   9 1445 plays
Hard Rock

Rebel (Easyrider) 08.02.2007


Press play, crank it up and take your Harley for a spin!

9.29   11 2290 plays
Hard Rock

Rocker 20.06.2006


Raw rock on the rocks!

9   4 2653 plays
Hard Rock

Break The Chains 08.03.2006


*warning: contains simple rock music*
A song about heartache or whatever. We bow to our 80's overlords, amen.

8.58   39 3858 plays
Hard Rock

Backseatlover 28.12.2005


Time to start the V8 purring again, and tell a story about a ruthless backseat lover. Sorry about the poop sound, just couldn't do better with the gear at the time.

8.82   28 3694 plays
Hard Rock

Wild Child Of Love 17.04.2005


Think we've done enough 80's hard rock? HELL NO!

Number one on the Mikseri.net pop/rock charts week 6-7/2010.

8.61   42 5420 plays
Hard Rock

Hot For Your Loving 12.01.2005


From summer 2004. Basic hard rock, enjoy!

8.67   40 4614 plays
Hard Rock

Wild In The Night 26.11.2004


Can't boast with the sound, but try to hear the song itself :)

8.47   94 10853 plays
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