Progressive Rock

Tripoli - Part I: In The Absence Of Light / Part II: Visions Of Afterlife 25.07.2010


...Without a moment of hesitation, Yavya, blinded by the bright furious light, turned her back on the pillars. The sound emitting from the sirens on top of them was like a tempting lullaby and definitely one of the most beautiful sounds Yavya had ever heard. She turned back, and the blinding brightness had turned into a bluish mix of smoke and beams of light. A hand reached out of this phenomenon, moving towards her from up above. She let the palm of the hand rest on her forehead, for she knew it would make her understand why this is all happening tonight. "Open my eyes!" she thought for...

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Progressive Rock

Clean Slate 25.07.2010


...Crafted from silver and ivory, decorated with blue sapphires and drenched in the dried blood of a thousand enemy warrior, his throne was somewhat a ghastly sight. Yet Yavya had no fear, for she was not an enemy. She certainly was not on the same side with these creatures, but neither was she here to fight. Yavya's train of thought was suddenly but not unexpectedly interrupted when the King himself entered through the oval-shaped doors. She fell to her knees in sign of respect. Yavya had no idea if kneeling down even was the right way to show one's respect in this world...

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Mosaic 25.07.2010


...They talked for days. They talked and talked, sometimes with only a flickering candle between them. On rare occasions, as the dual moons illuminated the sky by night, they could be seen walking in the castle premises, immersed in conversation about all the differences between them and all the similarities they shared. It was nothing short of a unique friendship between a mere mortal woman and the most powerful and destructive being in the universe...

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Progressive Rock

Crimson Clouds 25.07.2010


...and the prophecies had foretold it all. It was all to happen during the 404th cycle of the next lush season. First the sky would turn crimson, breaking out storms beyond the mountains. But not just any storms, entities with their own malevolent will. Lightnings would scorch the ground like spears of unextinguishable fire. And all of this was only the first stage. The King, filled with feelings of both sense and superstition, was burdened with these visions of the apocalypse. "It would mean the end of my kind. My people, my kingdom, all gone." The King sighed. "The end of a glorious era...

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