When The Curtains Fall

Syvis & Friends | 08.11.2016 | Soundtrack

Joihinkin biiseihini olen saanut kommenttia että kuulostavat Bond-leffan teemalta. No, tästä sai alkuunsa ajatusleikki, jossa kuvittelin todella saaneeni tehtävän säveltää Bond-tunnarin. Tässä on lopputulos. RnAM duo hoiti taas vokaalipuolen.

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Kappaleen sanat

Fate is a bond
a license to adore
an olive in a martini
that calls to love you more.
I can tie your hands and
chain your fierce heart
I want to be stirred
'cause tomorrow we'll depart.
We shall step
into the danger zone
enter our love's
minefield all alone.
Together we can rise
above the mundane
look at the bleeding eyes
on the sheets of pain.

In your bed
beneath the starry skies
naked unarmed
I'm a vulnerable guy
if I have to die
be gentle, use your shawl
choke me with perfumes of your pleasure
when the curtains fall.

Threat is a spur
a license to incite
push me off the edge
trick the agent of the night.
Spin the catherine wheel
no mercy onto me
shaken and enslaved
I reveal my fantasy.
We shall step outside
the comfort zone
enter our love's
minefield all alone.
Together we can fall
free from the rules
pierce the hollow wall
of the formal fools.

In your bed...

Venus in furs, the cycle recurs
rise, fall and turn.

In your bed...


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