Lyrics: feels like the weight of the world raining down on me
I can´t fucking breathe everybody wants a piece of me
you set me up, you ignite me but you fail to see
if I explode I´m taking all of you with me
this life´s corrupted me, filled me with hate and greed
I got nowhere to run, life through the sight of a gun
you break me down, you destroy me but you fail to see
if I go down I´m taking everyone with me
inflames by corrupted mind, dont try to deny me for I´m your design
frustration fuels the rage inside, dont try to deny me for I´m your design
all that I wanted was to survive this horror
but when you´re sinking your claws into my mind it´s primal survival
this bitter raging monster without a soul, without a heart
with foul mouth and fiery eyes I rampage ´til everybody fucking dies
I am the product of your actions but I`ve grown beyond your control
I become the capability, I become the horror
you disfigured my soul, you carved me hollow
now I´m the horrid reflection of this world around me

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