My World, My 22.06.2005


Beaten by the broken dreams and killed by reality,
three days later I was on my feet.
Lock me up and throw away the key
I´m tryin´ to slay a beast.
Slowly I became my own worst fear
Breakdown at full speed

Welcome to the masquerade
All is well on this parade
My world, My
My world, My

Recorded erittäin räkäisellä otteella Atticilla keväällä 2005.

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Drive 28.02.2005


We took a ride and we didn’t stop
I know you got scared
But that´s OK – you’re beautiful that way

Streetlight crusade
You know what you are
you’re my renegade

Drive on
We need fuel for the fire and we’re a long, long way from home
Drive on
There’s a sign on the road saying we must be moving on

I am water
I know I make you wet
And you like to get high – I think that’s why
we’re making it

So grab the wheel
Cause I don’t give a fuck
I ran out of love
And I ran out of luck


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Naked 28.02.2005


Good morning, would you like a cup of coffee she asks
But I wouldn’t, not even with milk, no thanks
A sunbeam reveals the dust in the air
I’ve tried to wipe, I’ve tried to clean
But it’s …there.

Naked under light too bright to compromise
Suddenly all is clear
What goes up must come down, down again
And something has disappeared

Naked under light too bright to compromise
Suddenly I’m filled with fear
If what goes up must come down, down again
How can love set us free?

It’s the little things that separate you and me
But without the sour the sweet would not be sweet.

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The Flow 28.02.2005


Uptown schoolgirl above the flow
Riding it all and keeping up the show
The bullets don’t bite when
You deny it all

Pink dreams
Covered up with cream

The rock and roll hero made it far
At the end of the table puffing the cigar
He tells us a story from back in the days
When the drugs still worked and life was A.O.K.

Pink dreams
Covered up with cream

Just at the break of dawn we fight but we fall
Must try to let it flow
A toast for today, for this moment delayed
Flow until you reach the end

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