R.I.P. 2001-2007

Hard Rock

Doomsday Cowboy 11.12.2007


Run! They scream at me
Another hurricane maelstorm nipping at their heels
I can't remember where I'm coming from
And everywhere I turn is a view of destruction
Yeah! The world is thrown asunder
As the devil comes a-callin' from way down under
I can't do nothing but ride it out
Nobody's making out alive, no, there ain't no doubt

Time for you to bleed
The truth won't set you free
Sinking in the sand I hold up my hand
One finger salute for every son of man

World keeps turning, world keeps burning
And as I plunge into the gaping void
I know I couldn't care anymore

Doomsday bells...

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Hard Rock

Not My World 11.12.2007


What are you looking for, what are you searching for
What are you feeling when you're dealing like a hungry whore
I can't escape it when you fake it and you come at me
With your bright blue eyes and your greedy lies

Those blind blue eyes
What a great disguise

I've got my woman, my blood and my microphone
I've got a place under the sun that I can call my home
You think you sold me when you told me how my life could be
You can't afford me, you can't afford my world

You mean nothing to me, just shut your mouth
Hands out of my pockets before I scream & shout
Your heart beats for...

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Hard Rock

Corner Bar Confessional 11.12.2007


Show me something
What you see
How to breathe out of me what I feel
Bring it to brighter view
Just enough to make it
On this train of fate
And just enough to know
Where I'm going wrong

Show me one thing
How to stand five feet tall
And to crawl out of this
God-forsaken hole again
Just enough to make it
Before my heart starts breaking
And I'm left with nothing
But this emptiness

Feeling like the walls are crashing down
And I am falling through the ground

I pour the world down my throat
And I won't stop until I'm through
Your words are pounding me inside
And I am broken, black...

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Hard Rock

Ghost's Son 11.12.2007


Warm whiskey in cold hands
It's safe to say I'm wasted and drowning
Words unsaid and questions left inside
To burn
To the end of my days I will carry you
Search the sky for all the answers never knowing why
Put on a brave face and journey on from place to place
Never to find my way home

You weren't there when I needed you
To take my hand and guide me through this world
And all the angels laugh at me
I mourn a man I have never seen
You turned your head and walked away
I've fought so hard just to find my way
I can't breathe easy 'cause you're gone
To me you're no one and I'm your son...

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Hard Rock

To the Devil His Dues 01.10.2005


Come on and say hooray for the underdog
You'll never see me coming when I run you down
I may be the devil but I'm never in disguise
So if you want a ride just jump into the fire

I like my women like a shot of Jack Daniels
Straight up and burning through to the bone
I like my friends like a pack of rabid dogs
Stone cold crazy and louder than hell

Forget your doubts and slam on the gas
Full throttle into the flames
If you're not living for every moment
You're just waiting to die
Through the crowd with your hair on fire
Fast ahead of the reaper
Don't you conform, don't you ever...

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Hard Rock

Medicate Me 01.10.2005


Hello my beautiful
No need to be gentle with me
Usually it's pain that lasts longer
You know I need to feel

Touch me, doesn't matter where
Release your breath into my mouth
Never mind that tomorrow's on its way
I'll be gone by the rise of the sun

I know a thing or two
About lonely hours in the night
My demons are the kind that never sleep
And by now you should know you'll never change me

Medicate me with your touch on my skin
Medicate me with that taste of sacred sin
Make me forget where my path is leading
You know that's not a place you want to go

Even though your love will...

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Hard Rock

Skindeep 01.10.2005


Just so you know
I'm just a bastard like the rest of them
But at least I tried
To give you exactly what you needed

The beckoning gaze in your mournful eyes
Made me want to give in, made me want to believe
And when you reminded me that you don't give a damn
It was just another bite out of my heart

Everything I get I invite and accept
Everything that's taken is just another reminder
That all love is skindeep and sour
I've got the scars to prove it, baby

Blinded by rage
I don't know how to cry but I know how to scream
Someone tell me please
What the hell I've done to deserve it this...

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Hard Rock

Man vs. World 01.10.2005


When I see you
You light up this cynical world
When you see me
I'm just standing in your way

No, I don't think I'm better than you
Even when you burn me with your cold ways
I could never bring myself to hate you
And I've tried, I've tried so hard to hate you

Hey, I'm a sucker and I know it well
I know it better than anyone

I could sit down and go with the flow
Taking joy from the love in my life
But you're always running after that rainbow
Never happy with the blue sky above


Fell in love with a girl
Who's in love with the world
Still in love with that girl

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Hard Rock

Your Song 01.10.2005


Can you feel the winter wind outside your door
Whispers of the past
Until you can't take no more

Don't you fear my love
I'm right by your side
Always and forevermore
You know that I don't lie

In my dreams you are all that I see
(Oh how I dream)

I would bleed for you
Slit my throat and still sing to you
I'll lift you to the skies and take you higher

Can you hear the wolves outside your door
They smell our flesh, they smell our blood
They come looking for more

Don't you fear my love
I'll never run from you
Your name my final sigh
You know that's true

To breathe I need you here...

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