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After midnight your teeths get longer...

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I am the infinitive one. You are prohibited to kill.

Killing would end life. I am the holy breath of life.

Your thoughts are the limit.

With me you will be infinitive

and together we will be to the end of time.

This is my revelation.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

So here we are with the telepacy and soul contact.

We grow our wisdom like a flowers.

My heart is sleeping,

so only way into is to bleed in time.

Your right demands from the world

is giving the seeds of purity.

The endless search of the heart of mine.

forever blue and darkness is giving me the way.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

Respect the unknown,

do not think that you know everything what you do.

You one is you and you one is accepted

as the manykindness on the field.

Past not hold your true everything,

your growth of the wisdom lies at the present.

Pain and pleasure is how we are,

lay your trust on my heart.

You god is you and your god is giving

and in the future lies your true everything.

I have my eternality because of the future,

that what is solid as the existanse given.

Candle is still burning. Lost we everybody are,

before the happines has been reached.

Night welcomes your mind and builds it

like you really wanted it to be.

Your dream is always in the future,

no matter if youre lost or cripled.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

Me Nirin from the endless path and simple ways.

love is life, life is best and Life is a pray.

Life is not about winning or losing, life is the best.

Life is to be infinitive and overally positive.

The present is so positive as the hight of my presense is.

Best of you is archieved by being good to be good

and better to be the best.

Only the best can really be the truth and every ones life.

Everyones own is only the right and the best for you every one.

The most positive act is forever

the only solution to our every problem and syntax.

Existanse rules (universal laws)

and Moses 10 rules are under my blessing.

Everyone is having atleast basic humankind

respect when it comes to everything.

Perfect karma and positive morality is the only right way.

(To archive:)

Every one has to lead on like written before.

Everyone is a need of perfection and

Everyone should be saved from failure,

only the best is enough good to be and

virtual termination is a failure to togethernes.

Heaven is for you, me and everyone.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

I carry books like: Leipniz monadologia, bible and Kahlil Gibrans prophet.

Read if nessesary!


Karma is your basic guidance in everything

so your good solutions about the world

is giving you the positive blood.

Everyone you know is to born in the dephts of

hellfruits to elevate hell to heavens.

All you teach is karma to human to be learning

about his true existance. There is bad karma and good karma.

Bad karma being lureing to spiritual hell

and killing the life of a fruitfull seed of all.

Good karma is saving the world in everyway

and to feel good karma is to feel safe in everyway.

People that has understanding of a karma

are learning the way of a perfection.

A high understanding of a friend system

is bringin heaven closer to the next level.

Friend is your mirror of infinitive loving.

Is no bad love, there is just a low development to be bad.

Goodnes is richnes now in manyways.

I heard people using this kind of sentence about hell in this way.

"I go to heaven because i spend all my time in hell".

I say we all end up heaven,

it is just a matter of togethernes to solute everything

to be a steps towards better.

You to understand about your purpose to yourself is to solute

and masterate the root of your enviroment based love.

Friend and your enemy are to be soluted.

Yes you love know more and your enemy too.

So you win everything by loving.


Everything what mind births or has been birthing,

is somehow everything

that what is there or will be birthing

or birthed to somewhere in the "seed of all".

Pray is to hope, demand or wish something

from somebody higher to yourself.

Life is not about winning or losing, life is the best.

Life is to be infinitive and overally positive.

Perfect karma and positive morality is the only right way.

Every one has to lead on like written before.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

God is your home. Its never embarassing to be good,

god is good, to you and others and the only right way is to be

good. Real you is with gods will.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

Everyone is a own substance in everything.

Substance another cannot be greater than another.

The potential of substances is to reach infinitive top.

Every substance is a holybeing,

so you cannot decide or end another one

Everyone being a thing more,

like we think about the space, being infinitive and contineus.

Blessed and infinitive is you and others and we

together we live forever in everlasting reach to positive perfection.

The seed of all will birth and things will be birhted everymore.

The truth being infernal infinity.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

My blood writes the truth, Snap a wood turn the stone,

ill be here forever.

My spirit is with you all forever. Love is a eternal way,

heaven is upon the earth.

Everyone should love eachother without imprisoning theyre destiny.

Everything is to be shared and given if you whant to be more.

Every humanbeing is free to love and grow,

develop and to become theyre trueself.

Everyones own is only the best for you and everyone

and holy when it comes to perfection.

You higher than other one is forced to be a saviour of existances,

you are god of a another one.

Do not exercise any evilness in anyway!

Close or far theyre are, you must be true to them and be positive.

Or sky may fall

Love is the only solution to our every problem.

You are the everything to everything, to me to god and the infinity,

There is no one like your infintive existance to live, love and be.

you are the reason to live and die.

if it hurts its so that the natures here to born to save you.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood and your possible incarnation if we fail infinity

When we talk about friends

we talk about forever lasting peace and heaven.

Heaven is to be married with everyone

and to lead and obey goodnes.

You are to win positively the never ending night

and to become true friend in high understanding.

Friend is for you forever if you understand

to love individuals in to become to perfection.

Heaven is to birth enjoyment and happines

in to become perfect solutions

and to birth things like your high demands are.

You suffer beacuse the nature of blood is to win

and in time the blood will win to give everything. ..

Love is to give and suffer right way to become

a potential perfection to other one to become a eternal friend.

Eternal friend is a bloodline to be a part of everything

in gods way to sucseed in infinitive path of darkness and brighnes

and in the endless search of the

perfect seed of a birthed things everymore.

God is a highest of what man can be,

god is to win everything to compare the result of a perfection.

Many can fail but to win is to solute everything

with majore love of understanding and to perfect the world your in to.

You and your root of development is a mirror

of yourself and surrounding enviroment in close to your own friends.

Everything will be foots on the ground of hell

where the heavens roots are to grow tall and strong by you.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood.

All the best of the all the flowers of god like you are.

everything is for you to love everything.

All asnwers lie in your love ,in your every friend.

Believe in hell or heaven to be more and everything

will be your infinitive way to construct and win your perfect home.

As we thing about jesus we all agree that a saint is perfection,

but a perfect home is love all around.

I specially know that jesus lived and died,

but everything is to love and birth.

Jesus is to solute everything and he will suffer

to be a perfected son of a god.

Jesus will be a perfection to be archieved and praised,

we should pray about perfection and to salute god of hes son.

I love Jesus to be overall winning,

but you not loose because of it,

in case you win by loving your friends and jesus.

Jesus and you is to solute the infinity

and your true reason to live and die.

You unborn i offer neverending night, afterlife and forgiven death.


Understanding of world and your own mind is a symbiotic,

meaning truth will open in your mind if you reveale it.

Mystery is your path in the dark and glorius might

be the sunshine when you enjoy the victory in perfection.

Dance now proud and strong to overcome every hell

and know you are mastered.

The seeds of god and next development

will be your need to walk forever in the path of secret illusion.

You know that god has solid memory

and infinity wont be so far away.

Worshiphing god and his son and the children

will reveale true colors of sanity.

Exterminating hell will be your delivery of heaven and

love will flower around bringing alive gods will.


To solute wisdom of your actions is to reboot yourself

like you would born again in full love

and to follow the path of rightnes.

Better karma and the best solution

to listen the wind and understand love.

Now wisdom and love are intelligent

combination in everyway you ever are.

You surely know that in your heart.

Still you know that everyone and you is to coplete

everything in perfect understanding and to archieve the

fruit of completion.

Heaven is the step towards the given,

Saying heaven is for everyone.

World will always succeed but the muscles of and

individual are always the gate to positive development.

So go now and exercise your giving and celebrate fruits for free.

Pyramid of a empire is a community together
n perfect believe of support and flowering.

In belive in jesus, god and infinitive friend we comlete the life.

Thinking about the world there is a negative and positive,

positive should be a winning solution to seed anything.


God is my home, god is my only way,

God is my future, god is my love.

Forever my soul is to reach for a complete purity.

Author: Leo Wilhem Lindroos (luteric babtise),

Sleepy Rose (Vampire)

Nirin (call name)

Date 25-10-07
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