Smells Like Weak Gimmicks 08.06.2003


This track you can also get from our homepage, but as you might have noticed it\'s not that \"stable\" so I put it up here too. The track was recorded last summer and it didn\'t fit on the EP so we decided to put it up on the net...

9.36   24 7954 kuuntelua

This aint a hit song. 05.11.2002


Some new sounds, and a taste from the coming B24 record. E.T.s beat, recorded in his cold and very uncomfortable basement and that probably added evilness to the sound.

8.94   24 9269 kuuntelua

Fistfull of skill (ei tiedossa)


This is E.T.'s beat, kind of a beta version, we have a new version that's alot phatter in the vault waiting for all the screaming 14 year olds waiting for our EP...

9.21   18 7099 kuuntelua
Old School

B24 - Cicero - The Palemaker -B24 16.01.2003


More classic B24 shit from back in the day. A track not many have ever understood. But fuck it, we still had lots of fun making this one, I can't give any exact dates but maybe springtime 2000. Oispa delivers a evil beat on this one.

8.78   6 3681 kuuntelua
Old School

B24 - E.T. - Weekend -B24 16.01.2003


This is classic B24 material. Recorded maybe summertime 2000, E.T laying down the raps and I think it's his beat too.

9   7 4184 kuuntelua
Old School

B24 - 1,2,3,4.. - B24 16.01.2003


The first B24 track ever made. The track features A LOT of mc's everything from SCC( not SCC at the time though) to MFN. This shit is straight classic and one of my favorit B24 tracks. If i'm not mistaking then this is Oispa's beat too. In conclusion it's worth checking out.

8.96   12 4392 kuuntelua
Old School

B24 - Habit - Foul play - B24 16.01.2003


More classics, this track was recorded when Habit was serving his country so that makes it like springtime 2001. Oispa is the beat smith on this one as well. Evil flow and an evil message.

9.45   7 3427 kuuntelua
Old School

B24 -Cicero - Would you like to - B24 17.01.2003


Once I was at it I figured why not put all the old tracks i saved from "back in the day". So here's more classic material, funny too if u ask me. Beat by oispa, scratches by DJ 4play.

9.08   2 3135 kuuntelua
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