something triggered

RI:SA | 28.10.2011 | Industrial

time never passed (2011)

8.50   1998 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

in their well-designed mechanisms
in their well-planned programming
something triggered
i'm locked down here
the sounds keep me from falling asleep
only a few in this world carry the keys
nothing is any of our concern

i am proud of these symbols i've painted on my walls
they keep me remembering while my mind distorts
from this endless grey and black and grey...
we're in limbo where nothing is happening

i enjoy my time here
i am so proud to be a part of this
i am so proud to witness all of this
i will run endlessly
in this world of suicide
when my feet sink too deep
i can finally fall asleep


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Legitti 07.11.2011
Ei oikeen napannu
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Snacke 02.11.2011
Mahtavaa. Kolmatta kertaa mun kovalevyllä oleva biisi VBV!
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GxBx 01.11.2011
Onnea viikonbiisivalinnasta! Onse kova.
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