Learn By Heart

Relicon | 31.05.2008 | Alternative Metal

Track 02 from "Measurements Of Mentality".

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Learn by heart all the negative feed
Delivery in time and it sets you asleep
You morph and change 'till you can't proceed
You compromise your integrity

Hereby I state my mind, I'm like an enemy
Headstrong I will belong or stand corrected
Hold me responsible for misinformation
Yeah and you're so courageous, you dwell in silence

So do make your mistakes, gain some prosperity
Oh and please do consider, you might be wrong once
Hesitate and waste away with your silent treatment
Arrogant and narrow-minded, inhuman creature


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anarcomaniac 11.06.2008
tulee niin vanhat hyvät ajat mieleen kun kuuntelin näitä raakileina :D...... oot muutes bulk kehittyny ihan vitusti!!!!!!!!!
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