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Playing cards, talking about cats and mermaids and stuff
I just love that smile, the endless amount of energy and the love of life in your eyes
And the way you laugh
The anger you use to take your place in the world

I know no one so honest in who they are
So straight-forward
And I love you from all of my heart

Your world is about flowers and butterflies
And candybars, and getting insanely mad at your brother, for the fun of it
You fall asleep in a fraction of a second
And wake up without knowing what being tired is

There's more lady in you than there will ever be in me
You understand the importance of matching your socks with your panties

Playing cards, talking about mermaids and stuff
Wearing fairy-dresses and all things girly, princess and such
Demanding ponytails, the pink and yellow nails
The trust in life that never fails
The muddy little feet, the mouth that's missing teeth
The beautiful voice that keeps laughing and screaming

You ride your bike like there's no tomorrow
So fully alive from joy to sorrow
The way you look me in the eyes when we talk
I love you from all of my heart


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T.Rautakari 24.10.2016
Kovasti kaunis kappale, tunteella tehty.
Tulihan se B-osakin sieltä kun kovasti odotteli.

Hento, mutta kaunis ääni laulajalla.
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