Curse Upon A Time

Project Shiver | 11.07.2011 | Metal

Ja promon seuraava raita sisältää herkkyytä ja sahausta. Alun rauhalliset vedet alkaa läiskymään biisin edetessä.

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you asked me once if i will be there for you
but i let you down time after time in pain
you'd never ask again to hear me say the same
you thought i lied
oh i tried
how i tried to

give all i can
but i failed
to know who i am
and what do you really want
to be what im not
something just for you
should have seen this will end
to a curse upon me

you blamed me of being heartless
yet im the one who had regrets

cold light it hurts my eyes
i hope this day it dies
this curse set upon me
this curse set upon me
night, release your might
by death i am enticed
end of life or end of a dream
just a curse set upon me

oh let it fade, the dying light
release me

and so they will die
the shadows that come from inside
the final night
and the curse i held within
will die

i was cursed by your tears
as i left you behind in sorrow
i was led by my fears
as i called upon life so hollow

(repeat chorus)


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