Human Debris

Obizeth | 22.05.2013 | Black Metal


10.00   370 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

I am the fetus that died
But somehow I'm still alive
Tired shadow of my essence
The shade in eyes on every blink
Am I able to exist, to think
When I can't even see myself
Or feel anything?

I am the soul that fled too early
But somehow I'm still alive
To some beings I'm dead and buried
And to some I never was here
Never will be, ever am I been written
Down to the book of life?
Or is it overlined, wiped away?
What is my name?

I am the extinguished mind
The Human Debris
Crushed ideality in daylight of fallen
The Human Debris


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Varhainen Valo 24.04.2014
Kyllä tää menee tossa samassa hyvyydessään aiemman rinnalle. Kusielinten toiminta jatkuu!
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