Even In A Pain

Mind's Pressures | 25.08.2006 | Pop-Metal


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shut up
got it?
lets never break up

you are delivering us into peace
peace of our minds
making me rumble in feelings

those confusing things that changes every time
i see you in my sight
bring me inside your world
show me your every side
and i will show you my sides unturned

euphoric lights
your eyes are like suns that burns
violent fights
my fist will find your face one day
that day will be the last
last day in my life
lets hope it lasts long
cause i want you /need you - even in a pain / even as dead

defray your sins
hide yourself from god
get off under his justical hammer
and regain a faith
something is coming
we don't know for sure
but you're making me rumble in feelings

benefits of life
are comfortless little things compared into life after death
blackened life in cold
is better than a life in unknown


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jimbow 16.09.2006
Runttaa kyllä kunnolla ja introssa soi jopa melodinen kitara. Muuten kappale olikin kovin tasapaksua puuroa, tuntui siltä että basso, kitarat ja rummut halusivat kaikki kuulua koko kappaleen ajan. Yhteislaulu kuulosti hienolta ja vokalisoinnissa oli parhaimmillaan todella riipaiseva tunnelma - laulu olikin mielestäni kappaleen vahvin osa.
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