Celadon Skies: West of the Moon

Verse 1:
Fear... It's gonna leave me here
in this place with no stories.
Playground of my memories...
It's getting late in this child's heart.

While this town is sleeping like a baby,
I'm feeling restless, feeling like I'm fadin'
I have to get out, I have to start running.
And when I start running I have to keep going.
How in the world could I ever turn back?
to a preplanned life I wish I never had.
Breathing's getting harder
Gasping for air
I'm shouting out loud: it's time to start over.

Take me along,
the road is strong beneath my feet,
Leading me on
West of the moon, east of the sun.
Taking the chance,
a dance in the dark.
The road goes on
West of the moon, east of the sun.

Verse 2:
Caught up in these mindless rhymes
"you better be safe than sorry"
But when the road is feeling strong
I don't care where it takes me