Nauticus: Forbidden Borders of the Known World

Here he comes, the old hound dog of these seas.
Leg carved out from the finest beech.
Acute absence deep in his eyes while he swings his pipe on his lips and wonders…

"Excellent." "I’m getting there, you hear me? I’m really getting closer to it, by the gods!"

The closer he gets, the bigger his ambition grows. It's not about wealth; it is an honour to finally achieve what he has been reaching out.

As his patience ends he twists a devious grin on his face and raises his eyes up and lets the freezing rain lash his unrepentant face for this last time. “Finally!” -He yells.
"Come and get me you worthless piece of shit! Strike me down now and I shall be yours!"

Impatiently he waits for something to happen. Rain falls down cold as it did earlier.
Wind is strong, but nothing unusual. The bow cuts the ruthless waves.
He sighs silently and roams towards the captain's cabin.

He collapses on his chair, hurls his compass on the wall and reaches for his bottle.
He curses every border of the known world and slowly falls asleep.
While asleep, the bottle of the sweetest rum spills around the cabin.
Slightly his grip around his pipe loosens...pipe falls, cracks and sets the cabin on FIRE!!!

He waited for something most spectacular, the way he would go.
He slept past his fortune, got what he deserved after all these years.
Nothing noble in this, but he got what he came for...

Captain's proper death...On the forbidden borders of the known world…