Psychic wave 18.03.2009


Rolling basslines meets some lazy flutes, guite floaty track with light melodies.

Older track.

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Over Pressure 18.03.2009


Pneumatic triol-asswhipping.

Also a bit older track. could be mixed a bit better in every way.

Guitar played by: Ape da man

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Bloom Reflector 18.03.2009


Somekind of goa, morning(ish), psytrance hybrid with energetic and melodic drive.

Older track that i just dont find time mix the way i want ( too much new material coming up ^^ )

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Message from giger 18.03.2009


Darker, yet melodic - twilight material.

Also older psytrance track.

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Dormancy print ( teaser ) 13.10.2008


Upcoming, possibly album material.

Only a teaser, so it theres only some parts faded in and on.

Hard to describe this one. Its some kind of hybrid of something.

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Beloved silence ( feat: Quo Messiah ) 25.05.2008


Pinch of psytrance, Pinch of goa.

Decided to share this one too! Since im working on chillout material more now for some time. This track is made in one day with Epo.


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Particle arranger 08.09.2008


Its a while since i added a full track ( except the one i made with Astraali-jukkis ) - So i thought it would be time to add something.

Im not sure if this is Goa or Psytrance, but what the hell - who really cares? =P
Has also some techy vibes.

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Thoughts of space traveller 10.10.2008


This track has recently been here for a little time ( or longer, cant recall :P )

A chiller side ( or more like only one form of it ) of Lunar Vegetarian.

Deep basses, liquid rhytms and slide melodies. Enjoy.

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Chill Out

As i see those purple waves 28.10.2008


Something different, floating and dreamy -
Falling in a fall.

This is a bit older track, that has been gathering some dust in the depths of cpu.

Take some valium and lay back. ^^

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Aurora Symphonium 30.09.2007


A track originating from year 2002 or 2003. Desided to upload this since it is asked to.

Well, in the honor of nostalgy. =)

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