The blade of self-deception is crushed
A rotten cross is striked down (to hell)
Parables of emotional falsehoods
Putrefy in their outright impossibility

Parasatan! An ecstatic, cruel, but clear vision
Remorseless passive acceptance of reality
Parasatan! Ratified by the insane morality
Genocidal maniacs of that passionate scorn

Rip the wounds open, fall to the waters
Emerge from the black womb of death
Victorious and without a tarnish
Only the inner daemon may survive

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Wampyrella 25.03.2006
Prrkle, tää kuullostaa siltä kun lihoja revittäs luista irti, eli saaaatanan hyvältä! Just toi laulajan raaka repivä ääni, siis..
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