Ten Feet Underneath

Hut & Shack | 31.07.2019 | Pop

Nana toivoi duettoa akustisessa kisassa. Tässä se nyt on, vaikka vähän myöhässä, eikä akustisena. Mutta mitäs toivoit : D

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Ten Feet Underneath

We are so in love with each other - and they all know

All these years we’ve been together - and gone with the flow

Maybe things are not so simple - that they all think

all these years I have been waiting for your ship to sink

I have been so cool and you have always been a bitch

Maybe I have married you for love, but now you’re rich

Your daddy gave it all for you and now I want my share

After I’ve put up with you I think it’s only fair

Love me, hug me, kiss me baby, you are so sweet

Hold me, touch me baby, I can feel the heat

When I kill you I will wait until you are asleep, and

I will make sure that you will be ten feet underneath

We are so in love - eaven for a show

we seemed so happy, but what do they know

If they think it has been simple, we have fooled them well

truth is life with you has been a living hell

I have been so nice and you’ve been always full of shit

maybe I did love you once but now I don’t care a bit

I know you think that I am rich but I am gonna fall

My daddy is a gambling man and now he’s lost it all

(Love me…)

Now I have a plan ---------------- I’ll get rid of you

I’m sharpening my knives -------- you don’t have a clue

Soon you are dead ------------ soon you’ll be a corpse

My crocodiles will be fed ---------- there is no remorse

I will be free ------- Soon it’s only me -----

This will all be mine ---- I’m covering my crime ----

I’m in hell...

(Love me….)


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