Summer on a Prairie Road

Hut & Shack | 24.06.2021 | Pop

Song by J.Hifish & Miira

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I moved here because I had no money

soon I learned this place is not funny

far too serious, far to lame

every single day is always the same

So I decided it was time to rock the boat

shake this world, let’s make it overload

time to make things really move

I was looking for a serious groove

I asked my friend to come around in his car

he was shocked: ”what the fuck, there is no bar!”

Don’t you worry there’s a party where ever we are

I have a voice and you have got a quitar

So I kicked his ass, life is not a free pass

eaven if ther’s nothing else we have green grass

rain and storm might be the weather

we can laugh it out and get wet together

Summer on a Prairie road

we are waterproof, dancing on the roof

silence, silence, shh be quiet

but we wanna make noise and change the mood

Why should we pretend that we are not alive

nothing to do just killing the time

naked under sun we are having so much fun

getting all mischievious and then we’ll make a run

We have a barbaque even if it snows

basic thought is that ”anything goes!”

there’s no reason to be waiting for the sunny days

it is always gray and rainy, that is the case

Standing on the ground, we don’t fuck around

no matter what the others think we will be making sound

Granny can be holy singing ”His amazing grace”

But we think that in thistown the devil closed the case.


Sun is crying, stars are hiding

shoes are flying but we are shining

life is about feeling, climbing up to a ceiling

things are moving fast

we make a change and it will last



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BullHill mja 28.07.2021
Mukava kesäbiisi. Hyväntuulista menoa, vaikka preeriakylästä ei baaria löytynytkään.
Kelpo sovitus ja hyvät saundit.
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Vauhdikasta rytmiä luovat rummut ja mukavasti rullaava kertsi, joissa kesän vapautta, hulluutta ja kevyttä synnillisyyttä. Miellyttävät lauluharmoniat ja hauskaa länkkäritunnelmaa.
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