Can't save this soul

Guit-artist | 24.02.2005 | Melodic Metal

This song is also based on some stuff I wrote back in the nineties. I rearranged it a bit and recorded it in november 2004.

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KeBu 04.03.2005
Otherwise a nice ballad, but I think it was a bit too long? It progresses nicely towards the end, but IMHO it could have been a bit shorter, hence the score.
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moskito 27.02.2005
Very nice solos indeed! You have a great technique and style, very strong vibras too. Why is the lead guitar mixed so low? Man I just loved this piece, you rule.
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kitara 2 26.02.2005
Man that was beatiful.Your melodic lines are played so strong and fine touch.Awesome sweeps here and there.I really like this kind of guitar playing.The song itself is composed arragemented very nice.Quite long this song but still interesting.
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