Jasnajan Puukissa 30.07.2009

Your music is awesome, keep on playing dude!

Larry Peninsula 13.07.2009

Thank you all! Obrigado and Domo arigato too. - Larry

Mr. Jones 09.07.2009

Hienon biisin oot taas tehnyt, sulla alkaa olla jo melko komea diskografia!

Nina Lane 08.07.2009

Nice to hear the whole song finally! I was waiting for it after you played me the beautiful intro. Catching melody and I really like some background stuff here. -See u soon!-

Larry Peninsula 04.07.2009

Harald. Sorry about the delay with the new songs. I've been busy man lately. See you in the county fair.

Harald Peninsula 05.06.2009

anyway, i just hope that you continue making your awesome music. i'm really loving your softer and sweeter tunes. your music makes my world better. i'm afraid you won't see me for a while. I love you. - Harald, your only brother

Harald Peninsula 05.06.2009

Hey. i'm very sorry that i havent been able to contact ya lately. i've been having some problems with my mental health. actually i've been hanging around in an insane asylum.

Annie 08.05.2009

Beautiful! You seem to be at lovesong line :)

Larry Peninsula 13.04.2009

Yo Harald! Thanks for being the no1 fan at my gig, enjoy the Florida sunshine while you can! I must come to your place. -Larry

Harald Peninsula 27.03.2009

What's up man? It's been a long while. I'm going to watch out your gig 04/06/09 in 45-special. Gotta fly to oulu just for that! Hope you'll play some older classics like the paska-kaupunni-songs. Cheerz! - Harald, your beloved brother

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