El Jefe

Flesh | 06.06.2006 | Heavy Metal

01. Lyhyen ytimekäs ulostenäyte.

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Grunts are meat to be sent to the grinder
Life and death in my hands I hold
Machinegun fire, fate couldn't be kinder
They march towards death as the plan unfolds

A gesture of my hand
Force the flesh to meet its maker
The mortars are blasting endlessly
As the wall of meat gets weaker

Victory at any cost
This battle can not be lost
Now is death's harvesting season
Man eat man for no reason

I sit on my throne of chaos
As my minions charge forth
Raping and ravaging
For the sake of our cause

NBC-weapons secure my triumph
with no dignity the opposition falls
God is my servant, Jesus my slave
Even Satan heeds my call

Those who are not with me
Stand against me
And they'll feel it under their skins
Let the torture begin!


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ant2 25.08.2006
Härligt pojkar, härligt!
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