Hardcore Punk

Consume Your Faith In God 28.07.2005


When you go to bottle bank what do you do?
Atleast you don't do no fucking inquisition
Stigmas in their hands, "Jesus is my
friend". It's time to wake up and smell the fucking coffee
Hey, hey, hey, hey! - Die, die, die, die!
This modern day Jesus is riding motorbike on the water.
Does it work? I don't know. I haven't
seen any as I haven't seen any oldskool Jesus' either
One thing that pisses me off is those goddamn atheists, those morans. They have nothing specific in their lives.
Just beer and pre-teen pussy, they don't know it, just talking it.
No wonder the world is so bad place to be...

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Hardcore Punk

The Dregs Of Our Society 28.07.2005


I got body, brains, eyes and face. I'm a typical member of the human race
Allowed to see, allowed to hear. Allowed to say, allowed to fear
I got a right to think by myself, I have a choice to make my decisions
We're different but the same. In spite of the fact being man or dame

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Hardcore Punk

Anti-Slave 28.07.2005


Ignoring the discrimination to my anti-slave attitude, to the marketing forces and brainless ones
In this giant anthill of privileged ones, in this giant anthill of privileged fucks
You can break my wrists but I still raise my fists as a protest to this system
ruled by pathetically stupid, embarrassingly white, discustingly rich men
They look down on you from their crystal towers. They have the plants but we got the power

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Hardcore Punk

Grin On His Face 28.07.2005


Stupid guy with beer in his hand, stupid guy with grin on his face
He was with us today buying some beer. Now stupid guy is giving a blowjob to Jake
He had been very angry since then but what a fuck, everybody falls if you hit in the face
But life goes on, I think I'll walk to school and get every girl that comes to me.
Grin on his face

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Happy Hardcore

Nazi Fucks 28.07.2005


Do you believe in white superior? White pride slogan-tattoos in your neck!?
How about me, taking a shotgun and blowing your
fucking racist head off. Sometimes I feel shame to be a human
The first thing I don't "tolerate" in you is your intolerance
By the way, you look like a fucking stupid. Just don't have to proof it to me
Don't hate the others if they are different, races and classes puts you in hierarchy.
Hate yourself, you are just a FUCK!
White superior skinhead go fuck yourself!
Hey you white superior, nazi skinhead, stupid racist,
national socialist, shithead fucks, you can go and...

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Hardcore Punk

NRA. Why In The Fuck It Even Exists? 28.07.2005


I have nothing against fat people but why in the fuck they sell guns to the kids
Don't get me wrong, they're not all fatty tummyes
Hey kid, come here, I have a present for you
Take this gun and you'll be safe
It's a fucking paradox: people try to reduce violence
with buying & selling guns but actually it just breeds more violence
NRA! "Why don't you shoot yourself for a change"
Why don't you shoot yourself for a change?
"Guns for fun, or guns for profit? You love violence, you love
your country. But soon you will lie in your nameless graves
and your pathetic history is finally written"

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Hardcore Punk

Chicken Yum Yum 28.07.2005


Consider chicken as a nation or a community. If you cut its head off it will run like a crazy
Soon it will die, but with her head on it isn't very wise son of a bitch either

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Hardcore Punk

Modern Day Democrats... 26.04.2005


They are just stuffed puppets, believing in private profits
Words are pure gold until they relieve the brown tongue behind
the loving smile, behind the ugly smile.
Conservatives who claim to be democrats and we go with them.
After all it's easier to get fucked in the ass
when the rapist is saying that he loves us.
We must stop these foneys/fakers/fuckers from
exploiting societys needs and resources for the
profit of the few, for the profit of the few!
Heil for the government and guns!
Heil for ties and invest funds!
Heil for the fat bastards in lead!
Heil for the propaganda!

8   2 811 kuuntelua
Hardcore Punk

Poli-Ticks (Itching My Ass) 26.04.2005


Should we laugh or cry? An idiot from Texas is now leading the most
over powered nation and guaranteeing peace for the whole world
Globalisation: institutionalized superficial state of the world
You got authority, you can justify the power for yourself
We can't stand USA to be the "general of the world"
so start being anti-american and end their domination
Lead the blind, blind your nation
It's easy to command millions of passive stupids.
Stupids, who just can't see.

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Hardcore Punk

Obese Society 26.04.2005


It's so fucking irrational that people are living their fat lives
in money and trivial possessions while poor children are begging
for their bread on the streets. Invidual is so weak but nation is powerful
but it's used incorrectly so why not unite and fight against the obese society

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Hardcore Punk

Lack Of Morality 26.04.2005


13-year-old girls make unmoral moves, they wanna take
Older boys abuse them for their pleasure of weird sexism
But they don't want to move the stains because of friends and fame
Lack of morality - insanity - nuisance for our society - far beyond humanity
They cry for their pain, but don't want to move the stains because of friends and fame
Lack of morality - insanity - nuisance for our society - far beyond humanity

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Hardcore Punk

Adhesive-Tape Jake 09.03.2006


"Off the record"-biisi... Puskan historian toinen sikermä mitä teimme. (Todellakin, kysymys kuuluu miksei viimeinen) Lyriikka kertoo läpeensä yhteiskuntaa ja byrokratiaa vihaavasta Anarkisti-Jaakosta sekä Texasin ränchien omasta välkkypojasta TuplaWee puskasta ja heidän kohtalokkaasta tapaamisestaan... Jaakeli parka saa tällin ja Lion King- merkkisen laastarin otsaansa tässä hektisen hätäkässä rallissa. Sontaa :p

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Hardcore Punk

Computer Tits 09.03.2006


"Off the record"-biisi #2. Kappale kielii bittipovi Lara Croftista ja antaa mojovan varoituksen siitä, kuinka jotkut saattavat jäädä kikulinsa kanssa koukkuun internetin tarjoamiin pornosivuistoihin. Eli toisinsanoen tämä reilu 32 sekunnin repäisy agrettaa ulos meidän omia kokemuksiamme. Lempeä ja aurinkoisesti mieltä lämmittävä jamaikalainen ska-rytmi vaihtuu kuin pyllylle läpsäisemällä grindimäiseen vihan ja ankeuden pohdintaan. Taattu kesähitti. Joidenkin lähteiden mukaan Puskan ylivoimaisesti paras repäisy. Surullista mutta totta.

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