Fear of Love

Faro | 08.02.2005 | Pop

Outo poppibiisi. Sisältää yhden soittovirheen. Vuodelta 2004.

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What's happening now and why did everything stop?
Had a strange sensation and my ears just went pop
The wind smells strange and the air is just a bit too hot
Your head is spinning but I can see that you mind is not

See the red mist rolling in
and the molten voice that sings
Love's finally come to town
it'll bite if you stay around

I know it's real
I know it's gonna be real
I know it's real
I knew it was gonna be like this

Run up the hill and climb the tallest tree that you see
Take a look over the rooftops and then over the sea
Forget subtitles, that is not what I said
The meaning's shifting and then turning, can't you understand yet?

It runs like a river and it flows like a cloud
Tell no one that you've seen it or they think you've flipped out
So find a small space now and don't forget to seal all the doors
Duct-tape the windows tight and kill the lights and stay on the floor


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wi-Li 05.08.2005
Pidin todella paljon.. totisesti :)
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ylkky 09.02.2005
kyl tämmöst kuuntelee mut ei mikään kummallinen enpä sano juuta enkä jaata
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