At War With Satan (2014)


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Lucifer and Jucifer:

Down here in hell I’m living with my brother. My name is Jucifer and my brother is king of hell, mr Lucifer, Satan himself. I can’t take satan’s place and become ruler of hell. I’ve been here in hell ten year for now and war is coming soon. Gates of hell no longer stop our enemy.

Satan can’t be defeated, I’m the only one, but now I’m like brother to Him. I can’t betray my master, never. SO I’ll die with satan. At War With Satan!

I’m demon, but not like another demons, more like Lucifer himself. So satan have my soul, life and death. I can’t betray him, kill him, hurt him, lie to him and I can’t escape this place. I’m a slave, but I like it, I love it! And we are ready to war to project our home here in hell.

War begins:

Gates of hell explode to pieces and our enemy attack. Army against all demons from hell comes to wipeout they all. I’m demon myself, so I’ll fight in the name of satan!

Fire against fire we fight. Demon powers against human wizzards spells. I do now my spell and we can defeat our enemy if I’m right. I’m At War With Satan!

Enemy defeated my army and now I’m running to my brother. I don’t want to die alone. With satan I’ll be safe. No-one can’t destroy satan. I’ve ultimate power, but I can use it only one time. The power to kill my master, satan himself. Can I betray him now and become to a friend of our enemy?

Satan’s anger destroy all enemies here in hell, but more are coming soon. Even the death himself can’s stop our enemy anymore.

At War With Satan, at war with satan, at war with satan!

Final battle:

Our mighty powers beginning to fail and our enemy is here, in the city of satan. Satan allmighty, my brother, my master send his demons to defeat our enemy outside of city, but wizzards makes them running back to satan. Satan’s army has been defeated. Enemy marching to the city. City of satan, capital of hell is under attack.

At War With Satan, at war with satan, at war with satan!

Final battle destroy city of satan and our enemy have their victory. I hate those wizzards, but now I hate satan too. Satan’s anger flying like a storm foward to the enemy, but immortal men didn’t die at all. Satan lost all his powers and I’m still have ultimate power.

New Order:

I destroy my myself now and use my ultimate power. I kill my master, brother and king of hell himself, but this isn’t end of satan. Now Lucifer and Jucifer become one huge monster and devastate all enemy only then watching in their eyes and ultimate fear destroy them all. I have now become new ruler of hell, with satan in my mind. Satan is eternally, so I’m half satan and half myself.

Now I’m rising to the world of living, back to earth. I destroy this world and after this devastation I’m gonna build new, better world with humans, animals and demons together. That’s my kind of hell. At war with satan is over and I’m satan now.

This story was only my wild dream, I’ll never be brother of satan. I can’t never take satan’s place in his throne. Satan is allmighty master, king of hell forever. Hail Satan!!!


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