Doze | 10.03.2006 | Ballad
9.00   2585 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

She was sitting in her room in silence
all by herself
Right where no one could see her
even though they heard her cry..
She made herself invisible so that
no one could comfort her
They couldn’t find her nowhere
even though she was right there..

I could’ve been the one who made her proud
who made her feel OK
But I never had the courage to bring myself
to talk to her..
I would have liked to say the things to her
things that I felt
But every time I tried to say it
fear would take over me

I want you here with me
so I can see
What I’ve been missing
I need you here with me
right by my side
So I can listen


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OnniManni_ 15.12.2006
oon huomannu et just tälläset rokkibändit tekee kans tälläsii ballaadi biisejä ja ihan hyvä vaan! tämäkin oli haikea ja kaunis biisi.
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