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Love Me Like I Want To 17.01.2006


We are proud to present another artist, Jaana (, who sings this song for us. She is just amazing, she has the most beautiful voice. The songs has a feeling of the 80's in away, with a catching beat and the lyrics that come from the heart.

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Dolcissimo e Calmo 19.01.2006


Beautiful and calm, yet also a very powerful ambient song based on Adrian Glazebrook's original composition. We got an original composition from Adrian and added some of our own ideas to the song. The song has a beautiful melody, good choir sounds and an interesting drumbeat. All of these make it to a "Dolcissimo e Calmo" composition.

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I'll Be Your Lover 19.01.2006


Love isn't always a easy feeling, we don't know the right thing to do or say. Angel like vocals by Raven accompanied by a sweet little piano melody and touching lyrics, all straight from the heart. "I been looking for love, I been looking for a reason, For one more time, time to see you".

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Endless Journey 17.01.2006


Hard synth pop song that is spiced up with great vocals from Morado ( Dark, tuff sounds of the 80's and the lyrics are "Deep, but not too preachy!" according to our vocalist.

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Galaxy of Magic 19.01.2006


Ambient composition with a great melody. The world is wonderful place and little moments can be like magic to us. They can change our moods, give us new emotions and experiences. We can travel sometimes to far away places and maybe in the future, even further in our galaxy. Even thinking about this, it is like lost in a reverie. We live in a Galaxy of Magic.

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Partie Deux Les Vacanses Du Compositeur 19.01.2006


Partie Deux is a tribute to one of the great composers, Johannes Brahms. Even if the composer is gone, the music is still lives on. The combination of Classical and today’s Electronica could give birth to a new genre. Part of the composition are from Hungarian Dance by Johannes Brahms.

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Aegean Sea Concerto 19.01.2006


Relaxing and calm ambient composition. Imagine the pleasure of cruising on the Greek Islands on a peaceful and sunny day. Feel the sea, it is giving a wonderful concerto of sounds. Relaxing entirety that lets your thoughts wonder freely.

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