You become my hate

Brutal Anger | 02.06.2020 | Metal
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i see everything you can’t hide
your eyes lie you try hide that in your smile
still you don’t change your story
I’m not that open mind
keep distance from me

i see you different way
i don’t even know you
i wish i never do
you become my hate x4
we all know you can’t trust no-one
sometimes i don’t trust even myself
you don’t never know what is true
everything and everyone come against you
this story is true

i don’t see in you nothing to loose
i remember your words
words not mean nothing to me
you become my hate x4
nothing enough if you have to all
you need get that and some more
you never understand what is wrong
you face your nightmare what i worn before

im relif I’m a free of lies
come back is take a time
you show me that bad side

you become my hate x4


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