Beast Within

Bodies | 03.02.2007 | Heavy Metal

Maybe the best song this band had ? A solid heavy metal song.

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Once a man had a beautiful dream,
riding on life's spinning wheel.
Something got broken on the way,
Angels of despair are closer today.
Blood is black in pumping veins,
life's like walking on the rusted nails.
We tremble in our self despise,
feed us with more tasteful lies.
Standing alone on the pile of bodies,
this ain't one of those bedtime stories.
His breath frozes as he gazes blindly,
Hanging on the remains of his sanity.
In the pitfall, he was thrown,
blood on broken jaws He growls as he steps forward...
only a Beast in The Night SO ... let it win,
The Beast Within, you let it win, The Beast Within.


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