Awery | 05.06.2008 | Alternative Metal
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Kappaleen sanat

Staring at me the emptiness of life
Slowly fading to be with you as one

Never once did you fail me always having one eye
Fixed on this ruin that we proudly call life

Raising my eyes, not really seeing
The dust and ash still blinds me
Raising my eyes to you, not really seeing the light
The dust and ash still blinds me

Heads up bouldly, towards new consequences
Turning to reveal moss on my cheek
Empty hands not able to grasp the thickening air
Too heavy to breath; not enought to drown

Begging now forgiveness, receive no answer
You're hearing with your deaf ears, speaking with no mouth
Suddenly now lighter, heavier than life itself
This burden keeping me down is no longer there

Lift me from life, let me from life
Lift me from life, just let me from life
Let me die, let me take the dive
Let me die, just let me die

Raising my eyes, not really seeking the light
Dust and ash still blinds my eyes


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