Without Sound

Anima | 18.09.2008 | Grunge

Written by Mika, Tero and Anima. Lyrics by Matias.

Recorded at Studio RobaStation by Janne Immonen. Keyboards played by Janne Immonen.

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WITHOUT SOUND (Lyrics by Matias Reenpää © 2005)

My efforts of keeping you mine
Died effortlessly tonight
From Heaven I began my descent
Its gates shut tight from me

I'm still in heartache
I feel complicated
I can't Love you because o' you
I began to Love you
Because of you

I've gone from poet to deaf and dumb
We're a treasure that can't be found
I look, for luck, for words but I'm
Without Sound

You Kissed my face and rose to leave
I cursed myself to forever bleed
To see you walkin' away made my head sway
Once you were gone I began my decay

I'm reachin' out to you
I do it for you and me only
I saw you take hold and let go
I tried for your Heart again

The look in my eyes
Is the saddest one
When you have gone
Let me say to you
These Words Of Love To Die For
I look for words but I'm
Without Sound

The Sparkle in your eyes
Was the loveliest one
I've ever seen
I couldn't write Our Love's Obituary
I looked for words but was without any
I'm Without Sound


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