Strings of Sanity

Amok's Therapy Group | 05.01.2008 | Ballad

Basic ballad...

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I am pretty sure these walls hasn't always been
this beatiful and terrifying,
Somehow all this snow and silence make's me sleepy,
am I awake or am I dreamin

I'm on the edge of insanity,
Facing it all by no one cares...

I've seen that horse before but can't remember how long
I have been feeding it with nails and tar,
No wonder why hes been limping instead of running,
It seems that we are both dying

I'm on the edge of insanity,
Facing it all by myself,
No use for begging or cryin,
This is the end of my road,

I'm ready to release the strings of sanity,
Let the madness begin so soft and tenderly,
It's eating me alive leaving just peel behind,
Ready to fell in love to this emptyness inside


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