I F#%$ing love this song!!!!

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The monster livin under your bed
is ment to terrify you, not love you,
Monsters are rude and born to be bad,
But not this one, he’s kind and lovely,

Hairy giant, thorns and all,
But what a lovely nature, (such a lovely person)
Breathing fire, green and pale,
But deep inside hes lonely

Who’ll hold you when day turns to night,
When theres no light, just darkness, Who’ll help you,
Hold your hand on the way to the loo,
And covers you with love, your shelter,

At the midnight your monster arrives,
Ready for the games youre playing,
Night forever is hes only dream,
Alltough he never sleeps, still dreaming,

Just one kiss before you go back to sleep,
I’m the guardian of your dreams,
Sleeping beauty, that’s what you are to me,
I love you,

Let’s keep this secret between you and me,
No one else just don’t need to know,
Just spend the night’s giggling between the sheet’s


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dittohead 01.12.2007
me too!
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