Medication (live)

Aava | 11.06.2013 | Rock

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Walking down the avenue, feeling kind of surreal
It's only because I am here
Been so long time since we walked together, darling
Sure it is, but I ain't gonna leave this time
No, he ain't gonna leave
I'll always keep you company
No, he ain't gonna leave
Wherever you are, there I'll be

Walking down the avenue, in a pleasant company
I have one request for you
Oh, whatever, just enjoying the attention
Well, looks like we have a deal

Hey, just flush down your medication
They only bind your imagination

Walking down the avenue, smiling at the children
It's good that you're in charge
Nobody could ruin such a lovely day
And it's only getting better

Yeah, let's flush down all medication
All the maniacs around the nation
So, let's flush down all medication
All around the nation

Give yourself to me
You know we're meant to be
Give yourself to me
There ain't no place to flee


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ex4 27.09.2014
Soitto toimii hienosti livenäkin, meininki yleisön edessä jotenkin mittaa bändiä paremmin kuin studiossa hiottu soundi. Äänite ei tee vokalisteille oikeutta, saisi laulu olla hiukan paremmin pinnassa.
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