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ScarecroW - La Morte Vivante

ScarecroW - La Morte Vivante

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La Morte Vivante

Keskiarvo:   1 arvostelua

Black bullet 02:46
Levyn omistaa: Nagh, Hellbilly

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Aggressive, raw, fast and brutal are words that come to mind when thinking of how to describe this mini-CD. That, and “Horror Punk with a lot of Metal in it”. Those two sentences pretty much sum up what Scarecrow sound like on this CD. And I might add that they do their thing well, with good sound, for the most part good songs (minus a few boring moments) and a good vocalist. The only negative remark on the vocals is the pronunciation, but that’s all.

There’s really not a whole lot more to say about this release. It’s good, enjoyable, fun and definitely worth buying, but not groundbreaking or a milestone in any way. And definitely inferior to Scarecrows’ debut full-length, Deadcrow. But if a blend of Punk and Metal with a horror-theme is up your alley, get this.

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