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How to find plus size clothing dropshippers

From Google Trends, we can easily get the information that the trends for dropshipping is increasing with high speed in last five years. And we can reasonably believe that this trends will not stop in a short period, instead, it will go on rising quicker and quicker and then get its prime time.


Why choose plus size clothing online?

In the same way, with Google Trends, we can see there is more and more hot search and attention paid to this topic. One of the simple reason is that with the improvement of living standards, people’s chances of obesity increase year by year. This means that the plus size clothing industry is a greatly potential industry. Sales for plus size clothing are growing month by month, year by year. It shows close to 20% of clothing sales making it a perfect niche to market to within the fashion clothing category.

One of the biggest advantages of having a plus size clothing dropship clothing store is that customers will have higher odds of finding products that suit their size. It builds a relationship with the target audience who feels depressed with the challenge of finding clothes that fit their fatter shape. This niche not only solves a common modern problem but the customers are so easy to target in advertising and then selling. The biggest opportunity that store owners have within this niche is that they can create a safer and more enjoyable shopping experience for their consumer.

Why choose plus size clothing dropship?

Dropshipping plus size clothing from a reliable dropshipper has proven to be merchantable and profitable. This type of special clothing on Chinabrands.com has received high order volume and good reviews showing that customers love the fit and look of these items they purchase.

Many plus size dresses have thousands of orders and reviews on Chinabrands showing that there is a huge demand within this niche. When you wholesale plus size clothing, you may run into issues of being unable to push unsold inventory due to trend changes, even there is a on-going fad of plus size clothing according to Google Trends.

When you dropship plus size clothing, these products are shipped directly and quickly from the manufacturer to the customer especially when ePacket shipping is used. What’s more, Chinabrands worked with so many shipping companies, such as DHL and EMS and many so on, you can click on the shipping option and choose your preferred one.

Who are the major plus size clothing dropshippers?

With plus size clothing gaining a lot of popularity, it has been a must-have niche for most apparel dropshippers at Chinabrands.com. Sometimes dropshippers offer it along with regular size clothing, however some dropshippers offer plus size clothing on its own, which will help it form it’s characteristic. The size range of plus size clothing varies from place to place, however it is generally clothing that is proportioned for people whose bodies are larger than the average person’s. Dropshippers have taken note of this trend promptly, and have started offering not only dresses but jeans, lingerie, tops and even plus size butt lifters.

Also, plus size swimsuits are a popular item with lots of swimsuit varieties for larger sized bodies. Even though plus sized clothes for women are more popular, dropshippers have also started offering plus size varieties for men, and they believe that is absolutely not a terrible business opportunity in the future.

Who are the major manufacturers of plus size clothing?

Manufacturers of plus size clothing are mainly based in China. Most of the plus size clothing that manufacturers produce are dresses, T-shirts and skirts, which include casual dresses, and a small percentage includes tops and blouses. The material that is most commonly used for plus size clothing is 100% polyester, 100% cotton, or an appropriate mix between polyester and cotton. Some manufacturers commonly use a kind of material named spandex for the clothing as well, to give it more elasticity, and give the clothing a soft-stretchy touch. The plus size clothing produced in all the same designs and styles like ordinary clothing, such as printed, plain dyed, or garment dyed. Even though plus size clothing is becoming popular worldwide, it is in highest demand in Northern America, Oceania, and Western Europe.

Where to drop shipping wholesalers plus size clothing?


Chinabrands supply chain is a well-known platform where you can find a wide variety of products, including plus size clothing from dropshippers who provide fully automated order fulfillment services. This marketplace is available not only for the Chinabrands users, but also provide to 3-rd party service on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, wish, Lazada and so on.

The great thing about Chinabrands is that they are aware that Chinabrands users are dropshipping. This means that they won’t add any promotional material or other invoices to the packages when they are shipping products to your customers. It saves you time as you won’t need to go out of your way to inform the dropshippers not to add any additional promotional material or invoices.

The suppliers at Chinabrands are guaranteed in terms of quality. If the supplier does not meet the requirements set out, their products are then removed from the listing. Chinabrands automatically selects the cheapest shipping method and helps you determine your selling price for you.

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