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Wholesale Robot

Wholesale Robot - A Mysterious Area Of Rapid Development

What is a robot

'Robot' was first applied as a term in a 1920 play Rossum's Universal Robots (R.U.R.) by the Czech writer, Karel ?apek. Nowadays, there are many definitions of the robot. More people think that robot means a machine that automatically performs work. It can both accept the human command and run reprogrammed procedures, or it can be based on the principles of human intelligence. Its mission is to assist or replace human work, such as production, construction, or dangerous work.

In October, Sophia, a female humanoid robot, gained citizenship in Saudi Arabia, becoming the world's first robot to obtain human citizenship. This has attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. The robot, this mysterious new area get the attention of people once again.


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Types of robot

The types of robot development can be summarized in two aspects. On the one hand, The application of the robot is wider and wider. More than 95% of industrial applications are extended to non-industrial applications in more areas. Like surgery, picking fruits,pruning, roadway tunneling, detection, and space robots, underwater robots. There is no limit to the use of robots, as long as you can think of them, you can create them. On the other hand, there will be more and more kinds of robots, such as tiny robots entering the human body, that can be as small as a grain of rice. Robot intelligence is strengthened, it will be smarter and would be more human.

Wholesale robot to Drop Ship in Chinabrands

Flytec FQ4005


Flytec FQ4005 is an intelligent RC robot which is capable of creating a lot of fun for your little kids. As your hand moves, the gesture sensor will detect such movement and make the robot advance, retreat, turn left / right. Interestingly, as it patrols forward and meets an obstacle in its way, it will move backward and then turn left / right. To create more fun, you can program a series of movements, and see the robot execute them rhythmically with dynamic music.(Related: china epacket tracking)



JJRC R1 Defenders is an incredible robot that can bring a lot of fun to you. It can walk and slide like a human, change between high/low speed, and turn up / down the volume. When it dances, there is amazing LED lighting and dynamic music. More interestingly, it can enter the Fighting Mode and use its arm to shoot missiles towards different directions. With the Auto Demonstration button, the robot can carry out a series of actions automatically.

XiaoMi MITU DIY Self-assembled Robot


This is the MITU DIY Self-assembled Robot developed by XiaoMi. Its 978 parts are molded by high-precision die injection molding. Gear group, chain, universal shaft, precision mechanical transmission structure can also ensure efficient operation. All parts of the robot are made from non-polluting safe raw materials. Like a smart phone, it has its own processor, and even its own operating system makes it more perfect. Not only can you balance your body automatically, you can also load 3kg of weight. The main control is equipped with four USB type-c interfaces, which can power the robot while also driving other development equipment. The motor has a built-in optical code plate, which can accurately determine the speed and direction of the robot.

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