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Don't steal the spotlight from the couple

?Requirements for Chinese wedding dress:

??Generally speaking, Chinese weddings don't require a high level of dress, as long as the guests are dressed up, but if the conditions are right, a suit or dress is the best choice. Wearing formal dress is used to show respect to the bride and groom. Do not wear shorts or cool slippers.

??Western wedding dress code:

??If the upcoming wedding is more ceremonial, such as a church wedding or a foreign wedding, be sure to wear a more formal dress. Suits, cheongsam or more ornate dresses are all good choices. In a more formal wedding, the host will indicate in advance what kind of dress to wear in your wedding invitation. Don't wear close to the bride wedding dress style and color of the dress, must not exceed the bride clothing of bare degree, color should be purple, green, pink, grey, wine red, beige, etc. When a man wears a dark suit, remember to wear black socks with black shoes.

??In general, Chinese wedding and western wedding, as participants, we must pay attention to on the dress not to upstage the bride, especially in Europe and the United States, more should avoid to wear white or beige series of clothes, because it symbolizes purity color belongs to the bride, unless the bride will require you to wear, it can be a different matter.

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