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?The outdoor wedding hosting process makes your wedding perfect

?Outdoor wedding and indoor wedding have different experiences. As can be seen from the whole process of wedding, let's learn about the process of outdoor wedding hosting.

??1. Introduction

??The opening line of the wedding host is usually to tell people the role they play in the wedding, their work unit and name can be, the time is half a minute, not too long.

??Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, friends and relatives, I have been entrusted by Mr. XXX and miss XXX to officiate at their wedding ceremony today. Here, I sincerely hope to get your support and cooperation. I come from XXXX company. My name is XXX.

??2. Introduce guests and relatives

??In the wedding, it is not appropriate to introduce the position of guests (except group wedding) and the relationship between relatives and friends. Second, avoid delaying the wedding ceremony. Third, avoid video clutter. The best way to take a holistic approach is to look at the following paragraph:

??Today's wedding is attended by leaders at all levels, close friends and classmates, friendly relatives and friends, neighbors and townspeople, representatives of the parents and families, and colleagues from all walks of life. On behalf of the two hosts, I would like to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the friends from all walks of life for their coming.

??Outdoor wedding hosting procedures 3, angel flowers

??When the bride and groom kiss the angel who presented the flowers, the priest may congratulate them.

??For example, a bouquet of flowers is particularly fragrant and contains poems and feelings. I hope your future life will be as colorful and unrestrained as this one. Let's give a round of applause and wish the new couple well.

??Outdoor wedding hosting procedures 4, three

??Sanbai can be said to be the continuation of our Chinese nation in the wedding ceremony for many years, in order to make the new couple do not forget their parents' upbringing. The following line is good for your reference.

??The bride and groom, newly married do not forget father and mother, father and mother pull you up from childhood, hard and unusual. When I was a child, I held my arms in my arms and held my arms around me at night. I hope you both have a good room to please parents to live, have a good meal to father and mother, please try first, parents old age happiness, children also has a light on the face, and don't forget the gratefulness, in order to thank the parents of a bow.

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