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Analysis on the features of Korean wedding photos in classical posture

??Nowadays, the popular style of romantic wedding photos is Korean wedding photos, which are favored by many young people. Before shooting, we need to know something about Korean wedding photos. What are the characteristics of Korean wedding photos? What is its most classic pose? So let's do that.

??High profile freehand style

??Korean wedding photo features

??Korean wedding photo features - high - profile freehand style

??High - key freehand style of Korean wedding photos, generally high - key, freehand, romantic. And the photograph that can make a person feel the extension of emotion from photograph picture picture always, perhaps happy, perhaps melancholy, this is the biggest characteristic of high profile freehand style Korea marriage gauze photograph.

??Classic traditional style

??Korean wedding photo features - classic traditional style

??The classic traditional style in Korean wedding photos is also popular among young people. When shooting classic traditional style, the cloth light is more complex, and very emphasize to use the light to shape the three-dimensional feeling of the character, the choice on modelling and scene is more concise.

??Retro style

??Korean wedding photo features - fashion and retro style

??The Korean wedding photos of fashion and retro style have bold contrast on the color choice, and can combine various styles that seem to be completely unable to combine together. The general photographic organization will use the continuous light source, so the light intensity is weak, the color temperature changes greatly, easy to control the depth of field.

??Elegant and beautiful

??Korean wedding photo features - the elegant aesthetic style

??The Korean wedding gauze photograph of quietly elegant aesthetic style, can use a few false digital background very much, add the adornment of bridal gown, photograph is very elegant only beautiful. And the Korean wedding gauze photograph of this kind of style, the majority can be given priority to with quietly elegant tonal, basically give a person a kind of elegant, elegant, pure feeling and sweet feeling.

??Flower field happy event style

??Characteristics of Korean wedding photos -- the natural style of flower field wedding

??The natural style of flower field wedding is a kind of Korean wedding gauze style that is quite popular nowadays, belongs to a kind of outdoor wedding gauze style. While appreciating the beautiful scenery, the couple has already frozen the beautiful scene in the picture. And this style pays attention to detail in the processing of photos, and handles each small point naturally.

??Youth personality style

??Korean style wedding photo features - youth and personality style

??Many young people would prefer to choose this youthful and personality style, when taken to pay more attention to this kind of style is demonstrated new people own unique temperament, the pictures the color is very rich, comparative and intense, the characters more design feeling, so in the process of filming can try to get new people to better show their true temperament and youthful vitality, makes every effort to capture the most real most of extraordinary moment.

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