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The western wedding process preside the important details of the romantic western wedding ceremony.

?Western-style wedding is one of many modern young people favor form of wedding, want to hold a perfect romantic western-style wedding, the couple besides wanting to notice the wedding arrangement, presided over the wedding process word is also very important, also is the main factor that reflect western romantic wedding. The following is a reference for new people, hoping that the new people's wedding will be romantic and perfect, full of sweet memories.

??Western wedding process host words, opening remarks.

??Distinguished guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen,

??Honored with the scene of all guest, together to witness a couple grand wedding ceremony, I am the host house people, first of all, on behalf of today's two new people, and their parents of both sides, taking part in the wedding ceremony in his busy schedule to come to all my friends, the most heartfelt thanks and warm welcome, welcome!

??Remember a writer once said, the person the five hundred times look back, just changed this life of a brush shoulder, the person's last thousand times of return the eye, only then changed to this life once acquaintance.

??Our bride and groom, they grew up in the same city, breathing the same air, had a similar childhood and high school, also have far to study abroad to study abroad, is also the same countries - Britain, both experience and hobby is so similar, but the story happened has not occurred, the groom said to me: though they did not know before but they certainly had a street in shenzhen, restaurants, shopping malls, and pass by in the park, yes, I believe, I believe that fate, I believe that both of them have predestination, one thousand, is the so-called, long-distance romance have to a string.

??When they return from graduation, successful, Cupid to cast his magical method at this moment, with the help of a mortal hand, arranged a their accidental meeting, that is: wit to prince, more in more like, when four eyes at that moment, they found each other, each other is to seek and wait for people, today, they will be in concluding this covenant of love, from this life hand in hand. Let us use sincere blessing, warm applause for a couple of new cheers!

??Good, the applause is ceaseless, have the hero of the story the protagonist jiao bo handsome appearance.

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