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What certificate remarriage registration is required to share?

Some couples register for divorce on the spur of the moment because of some conflicts, and they feel regretful or nostalgic about their relationship, so they want to remarry after the divorce. So what kind of documents do you need for remarriage? Let's see what we can do.

??What certificate remarriage registration is required to share?

??1. What documents do you need for remarriage?

??(1) to carry out the supporting documents for the remarriage.

??1. Account certificate;

??2. Identity card of resident identity card or military personnel (including armed police);

??3. Certificate of marital status issued by the political organ of the unit, residence (village) committee or ministry group or above; Divorce papers should be held after divorce;

??The party applying for remarriage registration shall no longer undergo medical examination.

??Marriage registration administration organ for the parties to remarry application, should be in accordance with the marriage registration procedure, and in an application for registration of marriage and marriage certificate on recovery marriage, at the same time take divorce certificates.

??The parties who apply for the remarriage registration shall resume their relationship from the marriage certificate.

??(2) materials required for the remarriage of foreign citizens or aliens.

??Foreign citizens:

??(1) my passport or other identity and nationality certificate;

??(2) aliens' residence permit issued by the public security organs, or identity certificates issued by the foreign affairs department, or temporary entry and residence certificates in China;

??(3) certificate of marital status issued by the country's notary office after the ministry of foreign affairs (or the authorized organ of the ministry of foreign affairs) and my embassy in the country; Or the marital status certificate issued by the embassy or consulate in China. If a divorce or widowed, such as a divorce or a death certificate, is issued by a country of residence, the certificate shall be notarized by the residence notary public and certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country.

??Foreign nationals:

??(1) the identity and nationality certificate of my passport or the replacement of the passport;

??(2) aliens' residence permit issued by public security organs;

??(3) my of seat of registered permanent residence of people's government at the county level or work units at or above the county level authorities, schools, enterprise, enterprise unit issued by the marital status, occupation, apply for to marry whom.

??Relevant laws and regulations:

??Article 28 of the marriage law stipulates that: "after divorce, both men and women should return to the marriage registration office for remarriage registration."

??"Marriage registration method" stipulated in article 8: the parties must personally go to a party of seat of registered permanent residence of the marriage registration authority to apply for to remarry, would also have to issue the divorce certificate or the court judgment (or the conciliation statement), after examination, conforms to the legal conditions, the marriage registration authority to "marriage certificate", take the divorce certificate or a divorce legal documents.

??Ii. Application for remarriage registration.

??I hereby declare that I have applied for marriage registration.

??Name: ________________ gender:

??Date of birth: ___________________ day

??Degree: _______________________.

??Permanent residence: _____________________________________.

??Marital status: _______(unmarried/divorced/widowed)

??Name: ________________ gender:

??Date of birth: ___________________ day

??Degree: _______________________.

??Permanent residence: _____________________________________.

??Marital status: _______(unmarried/divorced/widowed)

??I have no spouse with each other. I have no direct blood relatives and blood relatives within three generations to understand the physical health of each other. Now, according to the marriage law of the People's Republic of China, couples are married voluntarily.

??I hereby declare that the above statement is completely true. If there is any falsehood, I am willing to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

??Declaration: ____________.

??_____ _____ _____ day _____ _____ day of _____.

??As the saying goes, love is easy, marriage is not good, and it needs to be done and cherished. If two divorcing people find each other's mind holding each other, why not consider remarriage? But what kind of documents do you need for remarriage? This is a list of people who need a couple to see.

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