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?Creative personality wedding planning scheme gives you an unforgettable wedding

?A perfect wedding for the new couple is very much expected, and the following is a creative wedding plan that will give you an unforgettable wedding anniversary.

??Creative personality wedding planning scheme 1. Film awards.

??As wedding directly to become a movie awards, let all the guests wearing a dress through the avenue of stars, and then in the huge background pictures taken in front of the plate, interactive link just echo for guests all sorts of awards.

??Creative personality wedding planning scheme gives you an unforgettable wedding.

??Creative personality wedding planning scheme 2. Highlight the anniversary.

??The date of acquaintance is always memorable, let the date become the theme of the wedding, and the time as the whole wedding in series, believe it will be very special.

??Creative personality wedding planning scheme 3.

??Liu qian has the name resounded through the cross, but he must be expensive, please actually, also can consider to let the magician takes on MC orange, in the form of magic show a mysterious wedding.

??Creative personality wedding planning scheme 4.

??Even in the domestic wedding, it can be included in the overall planning of the foreign feelings, such as the purple wedding with the elements of provence, romantic and enthusiastic.

??Creative personality wedding planning scheme 5. Planning a stage play.

??Along the way love the dribs and drabs in the form of a play on the road, between the will and the love story on the wedding day, and all the guests to share, and everyone together to enjoy the taste of happiness.

??Creative personality wedding planning scheme 6. Overseas small weddings.

??Tired of the war of the wedding, very much hope can be overseas, on the quiet island, to participate in a mini and sweet wedding.

??Creative personality wedding planning scheme 7.

??The funniest performance should be the entertainment new person anxious, and the most can arouse the smile point is the bride and groom, the identity of the bride, the unique thought interaction, must be the climax.

??Creative personality wedding planning scheme 8. Let's cook together.

??In the gratitude session, always see the countless tears after the love of the watch, why not in the Thanksgiving, the new couple on the scene to cook, the novice comfort their parents, create a sweet memory.

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