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?Analysis of documents required for foreign - related divorce procedures.

Foreign divorce is different from the general divorce, there are some special chengdu etc., so what are the foreign divorce procedures, what documents and materials need to be submitted? Let's take a look at this.

??Analysis of documents required for foreign - related divorce procedures.

??Foreign-related divorce

??Foreign-related divorce agreement of the parties must have full capacity for civil conduct, one party or both parties to restrict person of civil action competence or do not have person of civil action competence is not applicable to foreign-related divorce agreement, and shall be divorce proceedings

??1. Conditions for divorce settlement.

??1. Both parties are fully capable persons;

??2. The parties completely agree to divorce;

??3. The two sides reached an agreement on the raising of children.

??4. The parties agree on the settlement of property and claims and debts;

??5. One party is a mainland resident or marriage is concluded in the mainland.

??Documents and supporting documents submitted.

??In accordance with the provisions of the marriage registration administration ordinance, the parties involved in the settlement of a foreign-related agreement shall issue the following certificates and certificates:

??A. Chinese citizens

??1. My household register and id card;

??2. My marriage certificate;

??3. Divorce agreement signed by both parties.

??B. Hong Kong residents, Macao residents, Taiwan residents, overseas Chinese and foreigners.

??1. My marriage certificate;

??2. Divorce agreement signed by both parties;

??Id card;

??4. Valid passes issued by Hong Kong residents, Macao residents and Taiwan residents;

??Overseas Chinese and foreigners issue their valid passports.

??For the divorce settlement of a foreign-related agreement, the divorce agreement shall specify the meaning of the voluntary divorce of the parties and the consensus on the issues such as child rearing, property division and debt handling.

??Iii. Protocol divorce procedures.

??1. When applying for a divorce, both parties must work together with the marriage registration authority of the civil affairs bureau, and even if the attorney is appointed, I must go through the formalities in person.

??2. Both parties shall fill in the application for divorce registration declaration, and sign or press the fingerprint;

??3. Both parties sign the divorce agreement in person before the marriage registrar;

??The marriage registration authority shall examine the application for divorce registration within one month from the date of accepting the divorce registration application. For the parties that meet the conditions of divorce, the notice of obtaining the divorce certificate shall be issued. The parties to the registration of divorce shall, within one month from the date of receiving the notification of the receipt of the certificate, go to the civil affairs bureau in person to collect the divorce certificate, and shall not be appointed by one party or the other party. Those who fail to apply for the certificate shall re-apply for divorce registration. The extension of the period for the extension of the license due to special circumstances shall be subject to the consent of the civil affairs bureau, but the extension shall not exceed 3 months.

??The effectiveness of the divorce settlement.

??1. From the date of obtaining the divorce certificate, the marriage relationship shall be dissolved, and both parties may marry another person.

??2. The divorce agreement is not enforceable by law, and if disputes arise over the performance of the divorce agreement, it is necessary to bring a lawsuit to the court.

??Attached: Chinese citizens divorce with foreigners. If the marriage certificate is collected in China, it can be divorced. If the consultation fails, the divorce proceedings shall be filed with the people's court in accordance with the law.

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